Contract parties
VillaLuotikka is owned and managed by Sakari Lahdelma. He is responsible for the performance and representation of the Villa. The person in whose name the reservation was made, is responsible for all payment obligations, compliance with these terms and conditions as well as any damage the visiting party may have caused, on behalf of the whole group.

Effective date for binding reservation
Upon making a reservation, the maker confirms to have accepted these terms and conditions to be legally binding.
They are attched to the final confirmation document. They become binding for both parties as soon as the order confirmation has been sent to the customer

Payment scheduling
The reservation payment ( 25 % of the rent) has to be made within a week from the date of the reservation. The payment can be made by PayPalupon the computer booking session. If so paid, there will a credit on the invoice. A PayPal-link is generated for later payments. There are on the formal confirmation instructions for bank payment. If the customer wishes to pay by credir card, it can only be made as PayPal guest.
Normally the balance of the rent ( 75 % ) and the other services ordered shall be paid 4 weeks before the commencement of the visit. However, in case the reservation is made less than 4 weeks prior to the arrival, the entire invoice falls due 7 days after the reservation date. If the payment is not received timely, Luotikka cancells the reservation. If the reservation is for a period longer than two weeks, the reservation payment is 50 %.

Refunding of payments made
If the reservation is cancelled for any reason, the reservation payment is not refunded. In case the cancellation is attributable to illness or a legal obstacle and the customer has already made the balance payment, the customer is entitled to refunding of the balance only by presenting a doctor’s certificate or a legal document verifying the reason. Should the customer wish to reschedule the cancelled visit to another open period, all amounts paid are credited against the new reservation. In case also the rescheduled reservation is cancelled, there is no refunding or recovery of  the reservation payment.

If the customer has failed to make a payment on the due date, Luotikka cancells the reservation one day after having notified the customer by e-mail. The failure to pay can be rectified during that day. Otherwise the slot is made available to interested customers.

Force Majeure
Luotikka has the right to cancell a binding reservation only in the case of force majeure. Included in, but not limited to them are water damage, fire, vandalism or other such event out of control of the management. In such a case all amounts paid are refunded, and the customer is given a 20 % credit in favor of a new reservation at a free time when the force majeure has ceased to exist. Luotikka is not liable for any damage related to the cancellation in any other way.
Luotikka notifies the customer about the cancellation as soon as possible by e-mail and phone.
It is recommended that customers cover this contingency with a travel insurance.

Rental period

As a rule the time unit for reservations during on-season is one week, or a multiple thereof. Luotikka offers a rebate for a stay longer than one week during the off-seasons. Please refer to the Prices- table for applicable periods )
The rental week begins on Friday at 16.00 hours and ends on Friday at 12.00 hours. Then the premises will have to be free for inspection, cleaning and stock replenishment before the next customer arrives.
During off-season, various weekend reservations and day reservations ( min 2 days, not starting on Sunday ) are accepted. Weekend and other day reservations work on the day-mode booking. Rebates are available for long and extended weekends.

Method of reserving

Luotikka’s aim is that all reservations are made  ( pending ) on-line.
The reservation sequence is as follows:
1 Customer books on the website booking function and receives a prompt computer made confirmation. The time period gets assigned to the customer in " pending " status and no other customer can book the same period.
2 Having reviewed the booking, Luotikka sens the invoice to customer. The status is confirmed.
3 If the invoices are paid timely, the booking stays automatically confirmed. Otherwise it is cancelled with a day's notice.

The customer can send a free form e-mail booking that has to contain all necessary information for the invoice. Luotikka processes the booking manually into the order system with a pending status.

A telephone reservation can be accepted subject to receipt of a reservation in writing at the earliest period of time. The period reserved  is removed from the available status but the pending status is assigned only after receipt of the booking in writing. The final confirmation is given when the reservation payment has been received.

Reservations are accepted and confirmed in the order of receipt. The final confirmation is done manually to prevent double booking from different sources. 

Rules related to the stay
1 Visitors with no exception are prohibited from bringing in any animals
2 Smoking in all premises is strictly forbidden
3 Customer commits to notify the management of all damage to the property. Then the compensation can be settled on the spot. Otherwise an outside appraisal is obtained and the cost thereof is added to the appraised value of the damage.
4 If the keys are not returned upon daparture, the locks are reset and new keys purchased. The actual cost ( deducted with the key deposit retained ) will be at customer’s expense.
5 If the rowing boat is ordered, it must be kept locked during nights. Should the boat vanish without traces of lock breakage, the customer will be charged the cost of a new boat.
6 Maker of the reservation shall have to give on the order form the total number of guests. It can not exceed eight (8). In the case of an adult-only group the maximum total is seven (7).
7 Customers are not permitted to bring in additional accomodation such as tents or vans.
8 Customers are obligated to review the instructions booklet, and follow given instructions
concerning e.g heating, ventilation,electronics and kitchen equipment
9 In case the customer requested linen, they are made available to the number of persons given on the order form. Bed making is left with the customers as there may be more beds than required for the group and the preferences can best be decided on the spot. On the wellcome note, the location of linen is explained. Supplies policy is explained in the house booklet. There is no need to bring along toilet paper.
10 If the customer has not ordered final cleanup, and fails to do it properly, Luotikka charges afterwards the list price added by 50 %. The house has to be just as clean as it was upon arrival. The cleaning instructions are in the instructions booklet.
11 The vistors are to take note and cautionary action as to the water hazard. Walking in the forest is on the sole responsibility of the vistors. Finding the way back may become a problem.

Disturbance to neighbours
Customers are to remember that at the lake side noise reaches far. Playing music outside is prohibited. At the log cabin the neighbours are rather close. Normal noise level is expected. If these rules are blatantly violated, it is a reason for an early termination of the stay.

Complaints of problems
It is expected that complaints whatsoever are communicated to management as soon as the reason has surfaced so corrective action can be taken.Otherwise no liability is assumed.
Management appreciates any feedback and development initiatives.