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For sporty- golf courses and ski slopes
Hartolagolf is a well established 18-hole golf course just 25 min from Luotikka. Within a reasonable drive are several high class courses: Kanavagolf in Vääksy ( 53 km ), Vierumäki near Heinola ( 53 km ), Takkula ( 84 km ) and Messilä in Lahti ( 100 km ).
Purnu ski slopes ( all- family type ) are also located in Hartola , some 43 km away. There is a bigger ski slope in Lahti / Messilä.

Lake Päijänne cruises
Regular day-trips from the town harbour( pickup from Luotikka is also possible ). The ship visits islands of interest (where there are food and refreshment services) passing first through the narrow scenic waterway from Majutvesi through Miestensalmi strait between Rapasaari and Päijätsalo to the wider Päijänne, and then to alternating destinations.

Fishing in the vicinity

Fishing with a rod and line and ice fishing is free. Luotikka rowing boat suits that activity well. Rod with wheel and trolling require permits which are easily available and not that costly..

Program for smaller children
Pupet theather MustaValkeaRatsu is located in Onkiniemi, some 30 min drive on the way towards Heinola ( road 410 ).

Sysmän Suvisoitto ( Summer Sounds ) is a one week long music festival, (established some 25 years ago) in the beginning of July, this year 30.6 - 7.7. The program comprises chamber and other classical music, a jazz evening, various kinds of popular music and spiritual music in Sysmä church. Musicians are top Finnish brass organized by the art director Minna Pensola, well known for Meta-4 string quartet. At the same time runs Lasten Suvisoitto ( several days of musical program for 4-12 year old children ) that has attracted nationwide interest.

Kirkko soi ( Spiritual sounds )
Kirkko soi is a 3-day long spiritually oriented classic and spiritual music event early August. This year the sessions are held Aug 2-4. Reasonably priced considering high quality of performers.

For those interested in old books, Sysman Kirjakylä organizes an annual gathering.This year 6-8.8.2012. The Night of Books takes place 13.8. It holds 24 hour non-stop cultural activity.

A good number of mansions still exist in Sysmä, dating back from times of Swedish rule. If you are interested in cultural history, there are days when some of them are open to the public, particularly at the time of Suvisoitto.

Other things to see

  • Sysma’s gothic style church dates back to the medieval times and is 550 years old.
  • Päijätsalo ( near Suopelto ), is a large island connected to mainland by a bridge, is part of the Päijänne national park. There is a viewing tower on high point of the island. There is a hiking / strolling path to the top through an original, freely growing forest.
  • Mynnila Arboretum is 118 hectare park where you can find 150 species of trees and many more smaller plants.
  • Kammiovuori is a large hill ( high point 221 m ) that tests your physical condition,Fantastic views
  •    Gourmet restaurant on the scenic road ( 612 ) north towards Luhanka, along Päijänne coast line, straits and bridges one after another
  •      Guided nature trips
  •        Horse riding