Main building downstairs

Living room and kitchen joining each other, TV ( 46 " )+ Blueray player / home theater.Both devices comprise an integrated WLAN which utilize the broadband. They offer programming of all sorts. You have a free access to Netfix rental video service."Anytime" video-on-demand is available if you register to it. Cost of films is reasonable.

There is in the kitchen a dining table for 8 persons and all normal kitchen appliances of a home.
Main bedroon with a double bed.
Sauna ( heated with electricity ), shower room and dressing space
WC ( not extra wide, sorry )
Washing machine / dryer unit

Main building upstairs
Two bedrooms, living room and a WC.

In both bedrooms there are two separate beds.In the living room, chairs and a sofa,  a desk with PC, printer, TV / computer screen ( 42 " ) and blu ray / DVD. The unit is connected to the broadband. You can connect your laptop to internet either by cable or WLAN.
The sofa serves also as a spare bed.

Energy efficiency

The building has been designed for a high energy efficiency and qualifies for the highest ranking " A " in tems of ET-category ( Finnish construction regulations )
There is in the house a water circulation based floor heating that draws the energy
from the piping in the lake through a ground heat pump. Energy is consumed only for
circulating liquid in the lake piping. Hot water is produced by the same equipment.
Although the ground heat pump is sufficient for all weather conditions, there is a fireplace
for pleasure and as a spare source of heat for all contingencies.

The house is machine ventilated which keeps the air always fresh and clean.
High quality fresh water comes from the city. The waste waters are pumped to the city sewage.

For the really hot weather, there is an airheat pump for cooling.
Covered terrace downstairs and a covered balcony upstairs, both facing south make it possible to enjoy the lake view also in a rainy weather. Upstairs balcony can be protected from the wind by glasses

Lake front sauna
Some 10 metres from the shoreline is a logmade sauna. It’s heated with wood. It is surrounded by terraces. In addition to the sauna ( hot ) room, it comprises a shower room and a dressing room with a bed. The terraces open towards  south and west. There you really feel the nearness of water. Sauna and swimming go well together.
During the winter time,it has no running water, however.
There is a bed in the dressing room that you can use for a temporary visitor.

Log cabin
At the edge of the surrounding forest there is small log cabin ( made from fallen trees and recirculated materials ). Next to it is a “rosvopaisti uuni” ( a ground stove in a large hole surrounded by a thick layer of stones and gravel). First you generate a large volume of embers (glowing coal) by burning a lot of wood in the oven ( takes some 4 hours ).
In the next phase you place the meat and other items underneath the embers and cover the embers. Heat recovered from the surrounding stones does the cooking slowly at a low temperature. Cooking takes no further effort.
The cooking takes time and is a fun experience for a bigger gathering. It is an pleasant way to cook a large quantity of meat, and the taste is excellent.

Small items provided by the house: open here