Dear Customer

Please select and press either weekly or daily button ( at the end of this page ) to begin the booking session. Note that all prior bookings ( pending and confirmed ) are marked on the respective calendars.There is a separate calendar for on-season ( weekly ) and off-season (daily ) bookings.

WEEKLY BOOKINGS ( on-season )
During summer months ( 31.5.2013 - 30.8.2013 ) and year- end holiday time( 20.12.2013 -10.1.2014 ) we only accept weekly bookings, on a Friday to Friday basis. Please use
the weekly button for these periods only as off-season visiting periods are not priced into
the weekly mode.

DAILY BOOKINGS ( off-season )
In all other periods, the bookings are made in the daily mode. All day-combinations are allowed with only two limitations: the minimum stay is 2 days, and the booking period can’t start on Sunday.  Reservations are accepted on a first come first served basis.Note that also booking a week's visit is possible, now commencing date is free ( exception Sunday )

Price of each day of the week is available on the Prices page. They apply to all 2- night bookings such as : arrival on Friday, departure on Sunday. There is on the Prices- page a button for a link to a detailed pricing sheet that contains prices for all bookable combinations of days. The booking program applies those prices automatically.

You can check out the price by entering the arrival and departure dates and pressing check availability button. 

Two, three and four consequative weeks enjoy a 7.5%, 15 % and 20 % rebates respectively off the one-week price. Book on the daily mode. Any starting day is accepted except for Sunday.

Booking Calendar